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Repair or not… that is the question!

If you are reading this you’ve probably faced the dilemma every grill owner faces after some time: is the old grill usable? Should you buy a new one? Unfortunately even the best grill manufacturers using the best parts available cannot ensure that a grill lasts forever without requiring servicing or repairs.

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Although gas grill assembly can be a complicated procedure, we repair and rebuild grills with ease and don’t usually need assistance. Getting us to repair your grill is also going to be much cheaper for you than buying a new grill. Not only do we get you the genuine parts for your DCS grill, we also have certified technicians and white glove customer service. In short, give us a call. You can’t go wrong with us. We will come to your doorstep, assess the situation, get the appropriate parts and install them. Consider us a one-stop shop for grill service and repair. We not only repair DCS grills but in some cases have even manufactured the parts needed to finish repairs. We are cost-effective for our customers since we combine both repair and cleaning in one session. Since we carry common DCS grill parts with us, many repair jobs can be completed during the first visit. Our method of repairing grills is superior in that it is safe for even plants and animals. Dynamic Cooking Systems or DCS has long been considered at the forefront of the high-quality barbecue grill market. The manufacturing quality has always been such that the grills can withstand all manner of bad weather and still work better than most other grills. One of the features is the porcelain rods fitted into removable stainless steel trays, instead of the ceramic briquettes of lava rock. The porcelain rods have the double advantage of heating evenly and being easy to clean.

Several Tips and Suggestions For Proper DCS Grill Maintenance

Many of our clients do not clean their grills regularly after a few years of use because the grease build-up can be revolting enough that they don’t want to touch it. Other gas grills that use lava rocks or briquettes are not easy to clean and eventually grease builds up which causes grease fires. These fires can affect the even distribution of heat. The grease also eventually wears out and ruins the stainless steel. The DCS rods tray design gets rid of all these problems because the entire tray can be removed from the grill. In addition, DCS Grill Repair has technical experts who can service and repair the grill. A DCS grill is a long-lasting, quality product and older DCS grills use high quality materials which can be restored to their former glory – something that just isn’t possible with cheaper, imported grills.

Same Day Residential DCS Grill Repair Service In Pasadena CA

First of all we run diagnostics on your DCS grill to determine whether there are any issues in performance and whether any replacement parts will be required. Next we dismantle the appliance and replace any parts that might be malfunctioning, leaving your BBQ grill looking like new again and ready for you to use. We take care of: Burners, Grill Grates, Searing Trays, Heat Stones and Lava Rocks, Low Heat Issues, Gas Leaks, Gas Regulators, Hoses and Attachments, Push Button and Rotary Ignitor Modules, Electrode Repair of Sparking Unit, Conversion of Propane to Natural Gas and Vice Versa, Gas Shut Off Valve Install, Valve Repair and Install, BBQ Install and Removal, Side Burner. Whether you grill like a pro or only occasionally on the weekend, not much can beat the experience of barbecuing on your propane gas grill on a hot summer’s day. After all, grilling with gas has many advantages over grilling with charcoal. It is more convenient, the temperatures are easier to control and it is adaptable. The true flavor that we all enjoy in our grilled food comes from the food oils and basting sauces that drip to the hot surface below and create smoke that flavors the food.

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If your grill is malfunctioning or won’t work at all, don’t give up on it. A few simple repairs can have it back to new. Turn to the DCS grill repair team, which has both the skills and the parts needed to get your grill up and running again. No matter where you bought your grill, our service team will look at it for you. Call us or use our online appointment tool to get a service or repair visit today.

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The one image that is conjured up when one thinks of a DCS grill is that of the professional series grill with its bold and commercial look. Its popularity is unsurprising what with features such as infra-red broiling and high performance burners which can easily handle most tasks associated with the grill. The most popular model, the DCS Barbeque comes as a gas model and in a variety of sizes and finishes. Of course, to keep performing without any glitches, any barbecue grill requires regular servicing and repairs. This is where we come in. We specialize not only in service calls for DCS grills but repair services also. Our certified technicians now also answer service or repair calls in Pasadena. Of course, our business wouldn’t continue to grow without our loyal customers who spread the word among family and friends because they appreciate our honesty, reliability and professionalism. We are the best resource you can call for your DCS grill repair requirements.

Are you ready for a shocker?

The shocking news is that the quality of the average grill available in stores is declining! Each year grills are manufactured in a way that ensures the price is lower than before. Unfortunately, this can mean a compromise on quality every year. Gas grill burners now utilize aluminized steel where they used to use stainless steel, which lasted longer. Heavy castings have now been replaced by stampings and solid lids by large windows because glass is cheaper than aluminum. Gas grills manufactured 5, 10 or even 15 years ago are now worth twice or in some cases even 10 times the original list price. The newer grills also come with features that are impractical, unnecessary and can actually be considered and added on as accessories.

Our Technicians Stock Over 200 Original Factory Produced Parts

Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to not just figure out what’s wrong with your grill but repair it within the least possible time. However, you need to check your warranty and ensure that the repair job you are asking for is covered in the warranty. Consult with us for advice on what exactly your warranty covers to avoid any problems later. Our technicians have a huge stock of DCS grill parts which they can use to either fix your grill in the initial visit or provide you with the parts should you decide to attempt the repairs on your own. Some of the parts we stock are DCS gas grill burners, smoker box burners, cooking grids, ignition systems, electrodes, modules and replacement gas valves. To check which part you need, contact us between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., six days a week, via phone 800 785-6628 or email email. Factory Trained & State Licensed Also Bonded & Insured. It’s a well-known fact that DCS grills are the more costly ones in the market. However, their efficiency, cutting-edge technology and appearance more than make up for the extra money, making these grills a good investment. When you consider how much time you have saved over the years using your DCS grill, you’ll realize what an investment it is to call us at 800 785-6628 and speak with a trained DCS Grill Repair Pasadena technician.

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Many people, concerned about the high cost of calling in specialists, attempt repair jobs themselves. They either use the manual that comes with the grill or go online looking for solutions. The end result is that the repairs aren’t efficient and then they need to pay even more to call in a technician. Another mistake they may make is calling in uncertified technicians who aren’t qualified to work on DCS grills. Instead it makes much more sense to call in certified specialists every time – you don’t waste time and the service is cost-effective. You can reach DCS Grill Repair Pasadena technicians and customer service at (800) 785-6628. We will reach in time, repair your grill and even clean up afterwards – everytime.
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If you want to speak with us, give us a call at 1-800-785-6628, or send us an email at DCS Grill Repair send a specialist to you as quickly as possible, and we will have your DCS grill functioning before you know it. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We work all across southern California.
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