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No need to get stressed, if your grill will not light or stay lit. Stay calm, and consider the guaranteed smooth-sailing solution of grill repair. Your backyard BBQ may easily reignite if you make use of the DCS grill repair technicians who have the know-how and the backup parts to fix your problem. Just give us a call or use our online appointment tool, so that you can get your grill repaired today.

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DCS has an excellent company image and product image. The professional series grill has a bold, commercial look that is predominant in the minds of most Americans. This company has a positive image. Burners that burn strong is one ultra-premium attribute that your DCS grill possesses. You can be thankful for that. Infrared broiling is a top-notch feature that will really make your cooking experience a breeze. The renowned DCS BBQ comes in gas models: and you can choose your preferred size and finish. In order for your BBQ to keep running correctly, you should try to keep up its recurring maintenance and repair. If you find that your BBQ needs service, you can call us at DCS to service your grill. Not only do we service a great many locations throughout California, we also service Pacific Palisades. Our business is expanding due to our faithful customers. Many satisfied customers have told their friends and relatives that DCS grill repair specialists are honest, reliable, and professional!

Pacific Palisades, CA: Feel free to expect immediate service from DCS grill repair for residential customers

DCS grill repair can turn your old BBQ into a working, work of art, in a few hours. Your BBQ will be assessed, tested, and diagnosed to repair something that does not work or to replace any needed parts.
If a part does not work, we can replace the part quickly. And the end result is that you will have a fully working grill so that you can have many happy memories with your family and friends while you enjoy your BBQ experience in your backyard. And isn’t enjoying your life the most important thing in this world! Burners and Side Burners, Metal Grates for your Grill, Roasting Trays, Lava Rocks and Heat Stones, Low Heat Problems, Leaking Gas Issues, Regulators for the propane gas, including attachments and hoses, Rotary Ignition or Push Button Ignition, Sparking Unit Electrode Repair, Propane vs. Natural Gas Conversion (or Natural Gas to Propane), Gas Shut Off Valve Repair or Install, BBQ Install and Removal.

Which is easier: repair your old grill, or buy a new one?

You may wonder: “Should I buy a new grill?” Or, “Should I just repair the grill I have”? We make it simple to repair your old grill when you need us, so don’t worry. Despite the fact that grill manufacturers do their best to produce long-lasting grills with little maintenance, sooner or later you may find yourself in the situation where your grill needs repair. Parts do wear out. You know how what it is like when you want to throw a BBQ party in your backyard, then you suddenly find that your grill is not in good operating order. Who should you call? Call us: 800 785-6628 at DCS Grill repair.
Californians enjoy bright and sunny days for most of the year; and it is enjoyable to cook outdoors on your gas grill any morning, afternoon, evening, or on weekends. You can invite your friends and family and have loads of fun? It does not matter if you are trying out new recipes or using your skills as an experienced grill guru: all of it is just pure fun! And there are many advantages to grilling using propane gas, rather than using charcoal. Grilling with gas allows greater control with temperatures, to make it easier for your food to be cooked evenly. And a great way to preserve the flavor and enticing smell of barbequed food is to add basting so that the spicy, aromatic juices fall to the hot surface below which creates the smoke that flavors the food and adds that great smell to your cooking!

Here is surprising news?

Did you know that grill quality for the average grill that you might find in stores has been dwindling over the years? Each succeeding year, grills are manufactured so that they drop in price. But in order to drop in price to please consumers, there is a drawback in quality. The old fashioned grills that were made a long time ago, 5 years ago to 15 years ago, are worth much more than the ones that are made now because some of the materials used are more durable. For example, now aluminized steel is used on the modern gas grill burners; whereas before the material was stainless steel. Now, stampings are used rather than heavy castings. And now, large windows of glass are used rather than the solid aluminum lids. All of the modernizations have been made to reduce production costs so that this cost savings can be passed along to the consumer. And some of the high-tech bells and whistles on the newer grills could be unnecessary, so they could be accessories to be added at the preference of the consumer.

DCS Grill Repair: (800) 785-6628. We give you the right options for your needs.

Gas grills are state-of-the-art in this modern day and time. You need DCS grill repair because we are highly-trained so that we are able to repair or rebuild your gas grill with no problem. And you will be pleasantly surprised to find that fixing your grill may be much for cost effective that going out and buying a new one. And the frosting on the cake is that we can provide genuine parts for your DCS grill. You will get the highest quality of customer service so you will have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you call DCS grill repair. And we will come to you! Now that is convenient. And we are friendly and professional. You will have a good feeling when you rely on us to help you with servicing your DCS Grill.
We can clean and repair your DCS grill most often in one visit to your home, and this is cost saving and more convenient for our customers. We have on hand the common DCS grill parts, and often repairs can be completed on site during the initial visit. We do outstanding repair work for your DCS grill. You will be highly pleased with our work. DCS Grills raised the standard of high quality backyard cooking systems. In our industry, customers need quality and enduring qualities which our manufacturers have striven to achieve. Our unique grill technology outperforms other brands. And a fine point that is good to be aware of is that the porcelain rods that lock into removable stainless steel trays, conduct even heat for grilling for the DCS grill.

Here is some useful advice on how to maintain your DCS Grill

It is common among backyard grill owners, to sometimes forget to clean their grill after each use. And when grease builds up, some grill owners decide to postpone cleaning it because they don’t have time or they just don’t like to clean. But one advantage of the DCS grill rods tray is that the whole tray can lift out of the firebox. Cleaning is more efficient with this style of gas grill. It is very important to be alert about grease buildup on your grill, because grease can catch on fire. But it is nice to know that DCS Grill Repair can send someone to your home to fix and clean your grill at your request. And with proper maintenance, your grill will keep running for a long time.

Did you know our Technicians Stock more than 200 original Factory made Parts?

DCS Grill Repair in Pacific Palisades do a great job in finding the cause of why your grill does not work properly, and they work to solve the problem in the fastest time. You will be amazed at how competent our technicians are. And check your warranty because some repairs are fully covered. Our DCS Repair team have in stock a great selection of DCS Grill parts, so you can feel confident that we have what you need with the proper parts at hand. Some of the parts we stock include ignition systems, electrodes, and replacement gas valves. Our hours are 6 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by telephone 800 785-6628 or email.

DCS Grill Repair Service In Pacific Palisades is the best (800) 785-6628

Our technicians at DCS Grill Repair are bonded and insured, factory trained, and state licensed. DCS grills are valuable to customers because of their quality, efficiency, and usefulness. It is true that quality warrants the investment in your DCS Grill. You can have peace of mind to know that our technicians will give you the quality assistance that you need to maintain and repair your DCS Grill. Feel free to call: (800) 785-6628 to speak to one of our trustworthy DCS Grill Repair Pacific Palisades technicians. Rest assured that when you call DCS Grill Repair Service in Pacific Palisades, you are getting the best service that money can buy. We know that you expect quality service, and we are prepared to solve your grill problems fast, efficiently, and with professionalism. You can expect to be a satisfied customer. DCS Grill Repair Pacific Palisades technicians and customer service can be reached at (800) 785-6628.
About DCS Corporation

The History of DCS (otherwise known as Fisher and Paykel)

Going back to the 1930’s, DCS has a rich historical background to be proud of with the licensed quality of their manufacture of great designs. The free spirit of our pioneering designers motivated a team of creative team players who made innovative appliance design and production systems. The timeline can be traced back historically to New Zealand, in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and a desire for forward progress when Olive Paykel made a request to her husband to import a refrigerator that she saw and liked in the American Ladies Home Journal. As time moved on, Crosley refrigerators became successful. Then, soon thereafter, Kelvinator washing machines became popular. This company, which ultimately, was managed and controlled by Olive’s son Maurice Paykel and their son-in-law Woolf Fisher, imported appliances from America. Business grew exponentially. However, due to economic problems with the New Zealand currency in 1938, the New Zealand government no longer allowed imports of manufactured products.

DCS Grill Repair and Service

If you want to speak with us, give us a call at 1-800-785-6628, or send us an email at DCS Grill Repair send a specialist to you as quickly as possible, and we will have your DCS grill functioning before you know it. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We work all across southern California.
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