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Haute Barbecue with DCS Grills

DCS grills are an investment in superior quality. With premium burners, infrared broiling, special searing trays, and a host of features, they can make a weekend BBQ into an Epicurean feast, and make you the grill-master extraordinaire!
If you want to bring professional quality grilling to your own home, DCS grills are the professional quality appliances to do it. From its polished stainless steel to its superb functionally, DCS appliances will transform your patio barbecue into an elegant outside kitchen that would be the envy of any professional chef or grill-master.
DCS Grills Manhattan Beach installs, repairs, and removes outside cooking appliances. We match the high-performance of our grills with high-performance installation and maintenance. Our technicians are factory trained, certified, and bonded to ensure your utmost satisfaction. We now offer same day residential service in the Manhattan Beach area—a skilled technician can be dispatched to your home and you can be up and grilling in a matter of hours.
Call us at (800) 785-6628 to make an appointment, or you can make an appointment on our website using our appointment tool. We are available six days a week (closed Sunday) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Did you know?

Grilling with gas is much more convenient than grilling with charcoal. Gas grilling also permits better control of temperatures, making it more adaptable to any cooking situation. Properly cooking a steak, for example, requires a very hot grill surface to sear it on the outside, but it shouldn’t be too hot in the chamber so the meat remains moist and flavorful on the inside. The great flavor of grilling comes from food and basting juices falling onto the hot surfaces and creating smoke that infuses the meat with those great barbecue flavors. DCS grills have numerous features, ceramic rods as just one example, to intensify and evenly distribute the heat for better control of the cooking process.
All barbecue grills require periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep them functioning at their peak. The grease that builds up over time not only diminishes the performance of the grill, but it can pose a fire hazard. Incidentally, should you ever have a grease fire in either your inside or outside kitchen—and we hope you never do, NEVER put water on it. Use a fire extinguisher intended specifically for grease fires. If you don’t have one, throw on baking soda or salt; either one will extinguish it.
The general quality of barbecue grills has diminished somewhat over the last 15 years, primarily because of efforts to reduce production costs. For example, some manufacturers have replaced stainless steel with aluminized steel. Also, many of the accessories on new grills are more window dressing than functional. Not so with a DCS grill—if you have one, hold on to it. If you are buying a new grill, consider its cost in terms of both its life expectancy and the quality of its performance. If you do that, we believe you’ll discover the DCS grill is a great buy!

Should I clean the grill myself?

Cleaning a barbecue grill is dirty work, but someone has to do it. General clean up after each use is always a good idea, and will extend the time between major cleanings. Grease should be removed before it can build up. Since it turns rancid eventually, you don’t want that to flavor your food. Over time, however, some grease build up is inevitable.
Whether a new grill or an older one, and whether you bought it from us or not, we will help you keep your DCS grill in tip top condition. If you call us to periodically check and clean your grill, you will enjoy many years, even several decades, of great barbecues.

Should I repair the grill myself?

Would you attempt to repair your Lamborghini yourself? Unless you’ve been trained specifically to maintain such a high-performance automobile, and have all the tools and parts at hand, you might end up having to drop another half million dollars on a new one? DCS grills are the Lamborghinis of barbecuing, but they’re our specialty.
When our factory-trained technicians come to your home they will thoroughly test all parts of your grill, disassemble and replace all malfunctioning components with factory replacements (we keep over 200 parts in our bench stock), and fully restore its functionality, beauty, and safety. We will arrive on time, and within just a few hours your grill will be operating and sparkling like new. Be assured, also, we will clean up our work area and leave nothing that would be toxic to plants and animals.
About DCS Corporation

Proud History of Appliance Engineering

Dynamic Cooking Systems, or “DCS,” was a manufacturer of high-end cooking appliances in the U.S. when it was bought by Fischer & Paikal in 2004. Since Fischer & Paikal had been designing and manufacturing culinary appliances since 1938, they recognized the high quality of engineering that went into DCS grills. In 1934 Sir Woolf Paikal and Maurice Fischer partnered to establish Fischer & Paikal Industries, Ltd., in New Zealand, which imported appliances produced by Crosley, Maytag, and Pilot. They obtained a license in 1938 to manufacture Kelvinator washing machines, and then began engineering innovative designs which proved to be highly successful. The company has now split into an appliances holding company and a healthcare corporation, each still bearing the “Fischer & Paikal” moniker. A multinational corporation, serving New Zealand, United States, Australia, Italy, and Lebanon, they had a revenue in 2007 of NZ$ 1.4 billion. Their website for U.S. operations is

DCS Grill Repair and Service

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