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DCS Grill repair specialists have the know-how and the parts to repair your grill. If you are having problems with the grill light, make an appointment with us online or make an appointment.

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The commercial look of a professionally done grill is what comes to people’s minds when the think of a DCS-made grill. Features found in premium grills are found in the DCS grill. These include burners which are high-performance as well as infrared broiling. DCS barbecues are legendary and come in many sizes. There are also many finishes to suit the prospective buyer. Barbecues need to be maintained on a regular basis and repair done to keep working properly. DCS grill maintenance and repairs are our specialty. We have technicians who are certified and now available to service customers in Beverly Hills. Loyalty is a trait of our customers and they are the basis of our continued growth. Word is conveyed through their network of friends and family of our honesty, reliability and professionalism that we can be trusted for DCS grill repairs.

Should You Repair Your Grill?

If you’re wondering if your old grill is repairable and if you need a new one, the top manufacturers use quality parts in their grills, but eventually all grills will need repair. If you have had this experience, you will most likely understand this.

Same Day Service For Residents In Beverly Hills, California

In a couple hours, your barbecue will look just like the day you purchased it. We will make an assessment of your barbecue to see what working issues it has and to check if parts are needed to repair it. We will take apart and replace any non-functioning part on your barbecue. Your family will have a properly-functioning grill when we have done with it.

Burners, grill gates, problems with low-heat, leaking gas, converting natural gas to propane and the reversal, the installation of a gas shut off valve, lava rocks and heat stone, searing trays, rotary ignition modules, push button, installing and repairing of valves, side burner, hoses, gas regulators, attachments.
Not many things are better, on a blistering, sunny day, than being able to cook on your own propane grill.

The benefits of grilling on a propane grill include: Compared to charcoal, it is much more convenient, temperature is more easily controlled and more flexible when it comes to situations involving cooking. The flavor which comes from cooking oils which, when they drop on the heated surface under the grill, the resulting smoke gives great flavor to the food being grilled.

Are You Prepared to Be Surprised?

The average quality of grills built these days is getting worse. This is due to the production of gas grill burners to conform to declining price points. Aluminized steel, rather than previously used stainless steel, is the material which is used to make gas grills. This means a shorter life for a gas grill. Instead of aluminum, glass is now being used to make the lids. Stamping is now being used instead of heavy casting. The valuation of grills produced between 5 and 10 years ago ranges from 2 to 10 times more than grills currently produced. Currently produced grills come with many unnecessary add-ons that could be purchased separately as accessories.

DCS Grill Repair (800) 785-6628

Gas grill construction is an elaborate process. Without any help, we can easily rebuild and repair your grill. This will cost you much less than buying a new grill. In repairing your grill, we can access genuine parts. You will get our certified technicians and special care customer service if you give us a call. When we arrive, we will make an assessment of the problem and order and install the appropriate parts. DCS Grill repair will give you a fuss-free all-in-one service!!

We do both cleaning and repairs which help to reduce the cost to the customer. We have been known to manufacture parts to repair grills. We have in stock commonly used grill parts. This enables us to do repairs on the spot. Our methods of grill repairs are superior. Even the environment is safe.

Dynamic Cooking Systems pioneered the world of backyard barbecue grills. Subsequent to DCS, a new industry of high quality grills was created. The quality of manufacture was such that bad weather did not affect them and they still had better performance than any other grill. The conduction of heat is even by the porcelain rods of a DCS grill. In addition to that, the replaceable cooking grates are easy to clean. Removable steel trays with locking porcelain rods, which are easy to clean, are used in place of briquettes of lava rock. This enhances the performance of the DCS grill.


Tips and Suggestions for Proper Maintenance of DCS Grills

Many times we have found that the build-up of grease over a number of years is so loathsome that the clients don’t even want to touch it. This means that regular cleaning and maintenance of the grills are not done. Because of the mess produced by the difficult-to-clean lava rock or briquette other grills are difficult to maintain. Grease fires caused by the resulting grease build up will cause the ruin of the stainless steel. High quality materials make up the old DCS grill and this helps to enable our grills to be restored to former glory. Cheaper imported grills are impossible to be restored in the same way.

200 Original Parts Produced by the Factory Are Stocked by our Technicians

DCS Grill Repair Beverly Hills customer representatives look for the reason for breakage and take the least time to come up with a resolution. You need to check your warranty before calling the repair person so as to ensure that it appropriately covers the repair job. Consultation with DCS Grill Repairs Beverly Hills can be done to ensure that there are no problems later with what the warranty covers. A wide range of replacement parts are stocked by our technicians. This will enable on-site repairs by our technicians or in case you want to do the repairs yourself. We have in stock: Smoker box burners, DCS gas grill burners, Stock ignition systems, Modules, Electrodes, Gas valves. We are available between 9am to 5 pm, 6 days a week. If you aren’t sure what replacement part is required, you can call or email us.

Bonded, Insured, Trained and Licensed by the State

In the outdoor grill market, it is no secret that our grills are quite expensive. The quality of our grills, nevertheless, will convince you that you made an excellent purchase. When people work out the times when the threw away time that was wasted and how many times DCS grill aided in avoiding this, the realization hits them that by calling (800) 785-6628 and talking a DCS Grill Repairs Beverly Hills technician, it was money well spent.

Beverly Hills Number One Local DCS Grill Repair Service

Many times persons think that by doing the repairs themselves, that they are saving money by not hiring the expensive specialist. It was noticed by DCS Grill Repair Beverly Hills customer service representatives that some people attempted repairs by using a manual guide as reference or checking online for solutions. This results in an ill-repaired job and eventual increase in the cost to repair the grill. Another mistake that is sometimes made is for the owner to hire an untrained specialist who doesn’t have the training of the DCS-trained repair man. The eventual result is the same. The owner ends up having to pay more. In the end it’s less costly to have hired the DCS grill repair specialist from the start. By calling DCS Grill Repair Beverly Hills customer service and technicians at (800) 785-6628, we can at all times assess the time necessary for the repairs, make the repairs and clean as well.
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We started back in in the 1930s. At that time we were manufacturing designs. These were made under license. The founders’ (Fisher & Paykel) designs were challenging to production systems and appliance designs that existed at the time. It all started when a request by Olive Paykel was made to her husband to bring a new refrigerator into the country. She had seen the item in the American Ladies’ Home Journal. The Crossley refrigerators were so popular that Kelvinator-made washing machines followed in quick succession. Fisher and Paykel (eventually run by Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher, son and son-in-law of Olive, respectively) grew out of this popularity. Eventually the government had to put a ban on the importation of manufactured items because of a shortage of currency in 1938.

DCS Grill Repair and Service

If you want to speak with us, give us a call at 1 800 785-6628, or send us an email at DCS Grill Repair send a specialist to you as quickly as possible, and we will have your DCS grill functioning before you know it. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We work all across southern California.
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