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Are you having problems with your grill? Do not despair and throw it away yet because a qualified bel air grill specialist can restore your grill to a perfect working condition. The DCS grill repair team has the expertise and tools needed to bring your backyard BBQ back to normal working condition. Our service team is on standby to attend to your bel air grill needs. You can call us today or pay us a visit.

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When people run the images of DCS in their minds, all they see is the bold, commercial look of the professional series grill. If you are looking for DCS grill repair specialist, all you need to do is to pick your phone and call us. We are here to handle all the ultra-premium features of DCS grills such as infrared boiling, high performance burners and everything. The famous DCS is available in array of sizes and finishes as well as gas models. Since ever BBQ needs regular service and maintenance for optimum performance and longevity, we are here to help you with your DCS grill repair needs. Our Bel Air repair specialists are qualified and certified so you can trust them. We have maintained a very loyal class of customers and we hope that you will be one of them. We are reliable, honest and professional in what we do. You can trust us with your DCS grill repair needs.

Know when to repair and when not to repair

If you have ever thought that your grill has outlived its usefulness, think again because you might be wrong. We are grill specialist who can handle all types of BBQ appliance repairs. However, there comes a time when a grill will not function any more. Even the best grill component parts available will not last forever. In that case, we wouldn’t advise you to try to repair your grill.

We Provide Fast Residential DCS Grill Repair Service In Bel Air CA

If you are looking for quick, quality BBQ repair services in Bel Air, come to us. We’ll make your BBQ look new again. We will first assess your BBQ, test it and diagnose any problem and then determine the right parts to replace. All the malfunctioning parts will be replaced, leaving your BBQ in a perfect working condition once again.

Grill Grates, Burners, Searing Trays, Low Heat Issues, Heat Stones and Lava Rocks, Push Button and Rotary Ignitor Modules, Gas Regulators, Hoses and Attachments, Electrode Replace of Sparking Unit, Gas Shut Off Valve Install, Side Burner, Valve Replace and Install.

There is nothing better than cooking on your propane gas grill on a hot summer day. Whether you are the occasional weekend warrior or a grill guru, you will love grilling with gas because it is more convenient than charcoal and is much easier to control temperatures. The fact is, grilling with gas allows you to adopt to any cooking situation. The great thing about grilling is the flavors caused by food oils which fall into the hot surface below.

Choose Quality DCS Grills for Longevity

It I quite unfortunate that the quality of grills found in stores continue to decline with each passing year. This is caused by the pressure by manufacturers to meet lower price points, thanks to the competition. Instead of the legendry longer lasting stainless steel, grills are now made of aluminized steel. The solid lids have been replaced by large windows and stampings have replaced heavy castings because glass is a cheaper alternative to aluminum. In other words, grills produced 5, 10 or 15 years ago are actually 2 to 10 times more valuable than the original price tag.

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Normally, gas grill construction is a very complicated process, but we have the skills, the experience and the commitment to rebuild and repair your grill easily without any assistance. In fact we are one of the cheapest DCS grill repair specialist in Bel Air. We use genuine parts from quality grill manufactures. Our certified technicians and excellent customer service is in place to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the DCS grill repair. You can give us a call and we’ll come to you, assess the situation and order the correct parts for the repair. You have nothing to worry about. It is a hassle free DCS repair experience you will ever find anywhere. Here are some of the things we can do:

We have offered award-winning grill repair services to our customers – in some cases, we have to manufacture the necessary parts to complete the repair. We combine cleanings and repair – we not only repair your grill, we also clean it. We can supply common DCS grill parts – if you need some DCS grill parts, we can supply them. Our repair services are superior – if you are looking for a superior grill repair services, come to us.

We offer high quality dynamic backyard grilling experience. Dynamic Cooking Systems provided High quality grills and the High quality grills became a whole new industry after DCS because they are manufactured with high quality in order to withstand all kinds of weather and allow them to perform better. DCS grills are easy to clean and their porcelain rods conduct heat evenly with stainless steel trays.


Proper DCS Grill Maintenance: Tips and Suggestions

Many grills start malfunctions because many clients fail to clean their grills enough times after the first few years. In order to maintain your DCS grills, you must ensure you clean them often. Often, there is grease that buildup and it becomes so disgusting that you wouldn’t want to touch it. The DCS rods provided the convenience you need because they help lift the entire firebox. Other grills that use lava rock or briquettes are difficult to clean and can be messy. What happens if you allow grease to build up? It may cause fire and this may affect the even distribution of heat in the grill and this will eventually ruin your grill. If your grill has built so much grease, fret not because DCS grill repair experts can clean it for you.

We Stock More than 200 Original Factory Produced Parts

Our DCS grill repair Bel Air customer service representatives know their job. They will assess your grill in order to locate the problem area and try to repair it inside the least time. It is important that you look at your warrantee before calling grill repair technician and ascertain that the warranty covers the repair job. It is also important to consult with DCS repair Bel Air specialist to know what your warranty covers exactly so that you don’t make mistakes. We stoke over 200 original factory produced parts to help in repairing your grill onsite or to supply you with the correct parts needed for your grill. We stock things like smoke box burners, DCS grill gas burners, cooking grids, ignition systems, modules, electrodes and replacement gas valves, among others. Please call us, email us, visit us or write to us if you don’t know what replacement part you need.

Our Technicians are Trained, Licensed, Bonded and Insured
to Handle Your your DCS Grill Repair Bel Air Needs

It is true that DCS grills aren’t cheap when it comes to outdoor appliances. However, their appearance, efficiency and cutting-edge technologies are second to none. Therefore, you need an experienced, trained, insured, and licensed and bonded to handle all your DCS grill repair needs to be on the safe side. You don’t want to gamble with your investment. We will not waste your time and money by providing you with second rate services.

Your Best Local DCS Grill Repair Service In Bel Air

Many times, clients hastate to call DCS repair specialists because they fear being charged insane amount of fees. Because of this, they try to fix everything on their own. Our customer service representatives have noted that many people are using manuals they acquired online or through acquisition to attempt to carry out the repairs themselves. This is quite risks because repairing DCS grills requires specialist skills. Another mistake people make is to enlist the services of unqualified DCS repair service providers. This is an expensive mistake which you must avoid if you want proper repair for your DCS grill.
About DCS Corporation

The History of Fisher & Paykel DCS Repair Company

We have been providing grill repair services since the 1930s. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the founders, we have always been trying to provide our customers with contemporary design and innovative appliance production systems. The company was started in New Zealand by Olive Paykel. She requested her husband to buy a new appliance, a refrigerator, from America. She had seen it advertised in a journal known as American Lady’s Home. Later, other appliances such as washing machines followed and that is how the company was born and started growing quickly. However in 1938, the New Zealand government banned the importation of manufactured products due to the currency being in such a short supply.

DCS Grill Repair and Service

If you want to speak with us, give us a call at 1-800-785-6628, or send us an email at DCS Grill Repair send a specialist to you as quickly as possible, and we will have your DCS grill functioning before you know it. We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Checks. We work all across southern California.
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